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MASTA International the 3rd Generation involves in the World of Veterinary Equipments, who knows how to melt steel, iron, brass & copper into liquid and how this liquid mould / reshape it to manufacture different types of veterinary equipments according to clients demands. MASTA International takes its first step to manufacture Castrations Equipments & enter into the flied of Veterinary instruments, with the passage of time it takes steps into other sections of Veterinary instruments.

MASTA International
is manufacturing Cattle, Horse, Camel, Sheep & Pig instruments as well as small animals and now its enter in the field of Halters as Leather /Nylon Halter, Hobbles, Ferrier's instruments, Horse Bits, Stirrups, Saddles & Spurs Tools as well as Farm Stables Tools.
Our Instruments are made from the finest grade of Stainless Steel on precision security, accuracy of pattern with latest technology. Manufacture similar instruments according to samples and drawings on the special demand of our valued customers.

MASTA International always works to establish relationships and earn trust by delivering the utmost in support with integrity and professionalism through supplying high quality manufactured products according to client's demand.